Submitted for review. 

1. SudoMesh asked for 30A service for the servers. I opted to install 20A rated outlets next to 15A outlets in 4plex boxes at plug locations A & B on two 20A breakers instead because the outlets will be "conventionally" shaped. If in fact, a 30A breaker is required then the outlets will be rated accordingly and will look more like a plug for a dryer. 

2. Overhead electrical: There is an additional cost of about $250 plus labor to get this done in Phase two. I am personally not convinced of the merits of having overhead power when wall outlets are in such immediate proximity (max 15ft). 

3. I would like these plans to be reviewed this week to be fully prepared for installation early next week.

4. Last weekend, Hol and I went to Home Depot to get supplies for Phase 1. I request reimbursement of $348.02 for materials. I have the receipt and will present to whomever would like a copy. 

That is all.