Hey everyone! Thank you so much for agreeing to host Bike Smut!! Below are the details that Bike Smut co-organizer Reverend Phil and I are working on. Your help and input is much appreciated, so please speak up! With your help, this event will be that much more spectacular!

Due in part to the popularity of the show, and to keep the show going, Bike Smut has historically been a paid-entry event. They would like to offer to split door sales with Sudo Room 50/50--yay money!! (And just a note on this: I don't know if this is a no-brainer, but this would not effect your ability to access Sudo Room. Please be fair though if you do plan to "sneak in" and donate a little mulah if you are able to.)

Does anyone here on the list have access to a good audio system for movie screenings? This will be an ongoing question as we host Fabulous Friday Films. I have a carshare and can offer to pick up, babysit and drop off your sound system.

Hooray for all our couches, chairs and pews! We will need help with arrangement and expanding our seating options.

The show includes live performances, and said performances will need good lighting. Overhead lighting is not flattering, and a few lamps might be all we need. Let's try setting this up in advance.

It's a strange beast but absolutely critical to the show. This is the last screening of their current tour, "Turning Trixxx" in The Bay and possibly ever. Let's make sure people feel luck they got a seat at all! Please make a call out to your networks far and wide!
Sudo Room promotion: Bike Smut people will be giving us a shout-out. If you have any other suggestions for promoting our space, please speak up!

We will need to claim one of the common room tables (5 sq feet or more) to sell underwear, stickers, and such.
Beverages: Let's talk off-list at the next meeting (May 1st) regarding availability/donations/etc.
Food: Pretzels! Popcorn! If there is something snacky you like making, consider bringing it for donations/sale!

And finally,
"I'm glad we have got some mustached men on working the door. Ushers who can make the guests comfortable are very welcome." --Reverend Phil