Two proposals for tonight if we have a quorum of sudoers. This is one:
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From: "Julian Park" <>
Date: Nov 29, 2017 2:07 PM
Subject: [omni-discuss] proposal seeking immediate consensus: sign on to a letter to stop Aunti Frances’s eviction
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Cc: "Defend Aunti Frances" <>

Dear Commoners,

I write because North Oakland/South Berkeley friend, neighbor, and community leader Aunti Frances, of the Self-help Hunger Program, is facing a no-fault eviction. With the Omni’s support we may be able to persuade Aunti Frances’s landlord, owner-resident Natalia Morphy, to stop the eviction. Natalia is known to identify with principles of social and ecological justice but is participating in exploiting an eviction loophole with her parents and co-landowners, Alexandra and James Morphy, and the notorious eviction law firm Bornstein and Bornstein.

I ask all Omni delegates contact their collectives to seek an emergency consensus process regarding the following. I’ve already heard a yes from Phat Beets. By the end of Friday, Dec 1st, I’m hoping we can get approval to add the Omni’s (and our individual collective’s) signature to this community letter. The consensus ask is simply to lend our name(s) to a cause that is perfectly in line with our statement of solidarity.

Additionally, I have two asks I don’t think require consensus—first that folx confirm it would be okay to send additional updates to the discuss list about how we can support fighting Aunti Frances’s eviction. Second, that you confidentially ask those involved in your collectives to save noon Sunday December 10th for a details-to-be-announced public event in support of Aunti Frances, to be held at Drivers Plaza in Oakland.

In solidarity,

Julian, of BAPS, with Defend Aunti Frances

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