OKAY, I've added some more to the conflict resolution item on our agenda tonight: https://pad.riseup.net/p/sudoroom

// Matt

On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 1:15 PM, rachel lyra hospodar <rachelyra@gmail.com> wrote:
i think this reply is dismissive and it makes me sadfaced.

Yardena is talking about much deeper and more insidious, and potentially divisive, issues than typos or spelling.  If you think her concerns are boring, then you could easily ignore them and stay silent without being dismissive and rude.

Yardena did an awesome job of facilitating meetings for 6 straight hours last week... it seems to me like anyone who enjoyed that experience with her might take a moment to give a damn about her concerns.

Multiple folks have suggested it would be good to have a clear IRC policy.  That seems like a good next step.  Maybe a wiki page, seeded with Yardena's suggestion here?  I am not active on the channel so am not sure if it makes sense for me to be too involved in that process...?


On 1/30/2013 1:07 PM, Clarence Beeks wrote:
Do you know why America is awesome?  We have the time and privilege and
resources to argue
over replacing a "Y" with a "J".

I can't wait for the next comet.

On Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 12:54 PM, Yardena Cohen <yardenack@gmail.com
<mailto:yardenack@gmail.com>> wrote:

     >> Apparently the Sudo folk with admin privileges to the #sudoroom
    IRC channel are jealously resistant to sharing control,

     > This is not the case. Jordana and Tunabananas have operator
    privileges and can perform any sort of moderation they desire. If
    you have an issue with the content of #sudoroom, creating a new
    channel will not solve that problem.

    I avoided replying to this right away, because I was too angry and
    creeped out over being called "Jordana." He did this once before in
    the IRC while at the same time talking about me with male pronouns
    (he/his) - he knows better, so I took this as targeted harassment, or
    at the very least disingenuous passive aggressive participation in the
    trolling games that have been going on lately. He's apologized to me
    in private since then but I just want to register that joking about
    hackerspace wars can be fun, but actually gaslighting each other is
    NOT fun. It can be scary, intimidating, and seriously compromise the
    accessibility and diversity of our community.

    As to the substance, he's absolutely right that we have op privileges,
    but this obscures a few things. For technical background, I encourage
    people to read about the difference between +F and +o. Your best guide
    will be logging onto freenode and typing: "/msg chanserv help flags"
    but more general guides are online:


    There've been conflicts over how to run the channel. Namely:

    1) The person with +F has used his privileges to override the
    decisions of those with only +o, at several times unquieting people
    we've quieted. The contexts for these were admittedly controversial
    and fall on ideological fault lines over how to run an IRC channel in
    general, so I agree 100% with Andrew that a clear IRC policy is the
    way to go. For the record, this has been mostly about using oppressive
    slurs, and my position has been not to tolerate them very much. We
    happen to have in our community a person who makes it his life's work
    to push peoples' buttons with slurs, and happened to be doing that IN
    the IRC channel. He'd also made a habit of typing anatomical words at
    random times. Form your own opinions. Again, the solution to this may
    be more about having a clear policy, than who enforces it.

    2) The person with +F has acted in bad faith. He flooded the channel
    with ascii art of an ejaculating swastika and claimed it was an
    "accident", which would be a no-brainer kban in most any channel. When
    asked to share +F with other people, his response was to vandalize the
    Sudoroom wiki to say he is the "leader" (
    http://sudoroom.org/wiki/Community_Structure ). In the meantime, he
    shares +F with a friend of his who hadn't been to Sudoroom since
    summer 2012 and didn't even seem to know anybody's name. They'd also
    set the +S (successor) flag for a person who is emphatically NOT a
    Sudoroom member and has even publically criticized Sudoroom. This sent
    a clear message to the rest of us that we were dealing with people who
    saw us as a joke; didn't respect our community; and that there was
    little we could do about it in the short term. That mistrust has
    colored all of the talk over IRC privileges since then, and has only
    escalated since these same people came to our 1/16 meeting and made it
    significantly longer (by complaining about the meeting being long!),
    and also filled our meeting agenda notes with things like "fuck",
    "poop" and "this is why you guys never hack anything".

    I'm not bitter or anything, just trying to bring out some of the
    subtext here for those not following why things are happening the way
    they are.

    I think the best formulation for IRC rules that everyone can agree on
    would be something like: we want the IRC channel to accurately reflect
    the atmosphere at the physical sudoroom space. To me, that nicely
    encompasses all the many behavioral problems and general do's and
    don'ts. Honestly the room itself has rarely had the kind of problems
    the channel has, because people tend to be a lot more decent to each
    other face to face, and because it self-selects for people who care
    about the community.
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