Hi all!

I decided to set up a new mailing list to cover all the traffic related to construction across the Omni building, to lighten the load on the main omnilogistics list a bit:


It's a google group, and it's set to be world-viewable. Anyone can post, but posts from non-members are moderated  (that way, anyone from any of the member grousp across the Omni can reach the list, but we can keep spam under control).

I will be sending out some direct invites to people who have expressed interest in the past, or who have already been doing any construction related work. But meanwhile, feel free to access the URL above, and send a join request.

Are you good with your hands? Know a thing a or two about electrical, drywall, painting, plumbing? Or would you just like to learn? Prefer work parties over sit-down meetings? This is the mailing list for you!


PS: We're supposed to have a "Building / Space Operations working group", which I think was also supposed to include things like managing room reservations etc. But since that group has never met anyway, I figure we can turn this new platform into whatever we want it to be.