Do ya'll feel the sense of adventure???

Me too!


Q: What are we doing?
A: It's up to YOU, so far there is Ambulance hacking, add to the schedule:

Q: Why should we go?
A: (1) Meet a new hacker community (2) see a new hacker house (3) spend time with other bay area hackers in a remote context (4) the sun and a pool (5) serendipity! (6) Things posted on the agenda

// Matt

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 8:54 PM, Matthew Senate <> wrote:
Howdy all,

You're invited to join this most excellent Hacker Retreat at the Chez Hack hacker house in San Rafael, Marin County, California!

The details:

What: Add to the schedule
When: 4/19 ~5pm to 4/21 ~5pm
Where: RSVP to JC for Address!
How: Tell JC if you plan to drive, bike or take public transit. Pickups may be available from Larkspur ferry station.

I'll coordinate any group who wants to bike from Larkspur (I'll meet up at SF embarcadero station, take the ferry to Larkspur)

See you there!

// Matt