Hey everyone!
  Thanks for the nice words Peter!
Sure I can tell y'all more about myself! When I first came to Oakland I was a steward at the PLACE for Sustainable Living (with which I still have some connection), I worked in IT at KPFA radio until 2021, and recently have been more active volunteering with different projects of ASATA and Regeneration Pollination. (Bits and pieces with other groups as well)

I have helped Camber with setting up a mesh node above people's park (which apparently needs to be put online I recently found out!), and connecting him to folks at the Wood St Encampment to mesh it up there, and him, Jenny and I have talked some about the Long Haul, and the potential to get it, and others, access to that sweet fat pipe of free internet from the Internet archive (IA).  I also want to get PLACE meshed and ideally on that IA internet as well!  I just joined the mesh email list, not sure which is best, so feel free to point me in the right direction. 
I've also connected to folks connecting folks to linux, often for the first time.  Camber suggested that hack night might be a good time to send new linux folks in for support, and I wonder if that, or another day, would be good for an InstallFest at some point!  Publicized and all.  (I used to attend installfests with SVLUG, UCD and helped put them on at Humboldt State)
That said, my eyes are probably bigger than my stomach and my email box is a bit overly full, so, there's some inner work to do in all of that!

So, you might've gotten that I'm very community-oriented/centered, and I love knowing everyone and connecting everyone with everyone/thing :)  While there's an opportunity to deepen into my offers, there's also an opportunity for me to learn how to receive support.
On a personal level, I'm interested in deepening my Linux SysAdmin skills, and developing coding skills.  I partially want to get a well-paid IT job (I've mainly worked low-paying IT jobs. surprisingly?)  If that's something I can get out of being connected to sudo, that'd be great.

too many words?  if so, oops! else, hi :)

Requirements check-in..
I also visited hack night tuesday 10/11, does that put me at having attended 3 meetings?  (I believe in parallel around last week's IRL that 2-3 people would've confirmed I was human, whether that was Camber, Carl, Cere, Jake, Shirlee, MarcusZ, JennyR, MattS or whoever else I know that's on this list :)  (I've already signed up at sudo humans with a monthly $ and got a key).

much love,