I'll be at sudo room again this Tuesday evening at 8 pm hacking on an open hardware/software brain replacement for old HPLC UV/vis spectrometers:


If you have any interest in this project, come hang out and chat/hack with me!

This project can especially benefit from the help of anyone with interest or experience in microbiology, spectrometry, microcontroller programming, web development or digital/analog electronics, but of course everyone is welcome to join in regardless of experience or skill level!

Last Tuesday we investigated the power source for the deuterium arc lamp and schemed on a design for an open hardware replacement. Special thanks to Cere, Kent, Joule and Jake for participating and helping out!

This project is currently funded by a micro grant from GOSH:


and I am obligated to mention that GOSH got the funds for this from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation