I brought in a stack of lead acid batteries yesterday afternoon, some definitely good some ??? since my charger (also brought in) is too small to top off the bigger ones.  Hopefully this is not counted as a dump :)
Sorry Robb I forgot to bring in the Tamiya chassis, next itme

On 2016-10-27 03:43, Marc Juul wrote:

On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 1:35 AM, Jake <jake@spaz.org> wrote:
I noticed someone swept sudoroom and cleaned up a little bit, and it looks nice.

I spent some time tonight moving stuff to the e-waste area and throwing out trash and recycling and stuff.

There was a lot of stuff that I was like "how the fuck did this even get inside sudoroom?  Someone dumped it on us?

I really look forward to the day when Sudoroom has its own door, that can be closed and locked when no members are here.  That way, if someone wants to drop off a bunch of garbage that they found down the street in the Creative Re-Use dumpster, they will have to explain it to the member who is watching out for that stuff - and hopefully the member will be discriminating about donations.

Don't get me wrong, we get great donations, and they need sorting and it's OK, but we get a lot of junk that doesn't belong, and I can only imagine that it's being dropped off when nobody is here to say
"wait what!??!  NO!!!  take it back to wherever you got it, you can't leave that here."

so, what do we think about a door?  I guess it's complicated because there are three ways to get into sudoroom.
We definitely want a door. I have all the stuff for it ready to go. Got delayed because the RFID readers i ordered from china was defective.

The door to stage and basement can be default locked with only a few people having keys (for now, we can RFID them later if needed). They are not fire doors.

The door near the bathroom needs a panic bar and an electric strike and an RFID reader and magnetic card reader and a beagle bone black and a battery backup and a box to mount it on the wall. We have all of this. Some minor woodworking will be necessary to install the electric strike.

I haven't tested the new shipment of RFID readers yet.


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