All, I hope my intrusion is a helpful one. I'm viewing this from pretty far away.

I can easily imagine myself responding in the way Robb describes, without any racist intent. I can easily imagine it being legitimately interpreted as racist. I think the situation Robb describes is one in which balancing the needs for friendliness, security, and respect for oneself and others in the building would be *difficult*, and it's easy to err in any number of ways without ill intent. So I don't think any of you arguing about it necessarily have different values or even desire different outcomes.

I don't think that an email list discussion is going to lead to an outcome either/any of you want.

There was some mention of mediation, and I think that kind of structure could be helpful, if there's somebody willing to mediate. Is it possible to come up with a simple set of protocols to follow when somebody rings the bell, but can't demonstrate a reason they should be admitted?

Maybe having instructions readily available would help people in Robb's position respond in a way that everybody could appreciate. I sincerely doubt he wanted to do otherwise, even if his actions came off as hostile and lead to undesirable results.


(missing Sudo Room and the Omni and wishing you all well)

On 7/1/19 6:08 PM, robb wrote:
@ Niki,
i admit i got annoyed by the singular long ring of the door bell but
i think i'll take anti-oppression advice from someone other than the one
who originally started the bad blood with Almaz by refusing to allow her to
be an equal in your previous cafe enterprise

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