i support any involvement with OMCA. they have been doing "we//customize" events (http://www.museumca.org/exhibit/wecustomize) that are sort of in the hacker vein. plus they are supporting the creation of oakland within minecraft (http://www.themade.org/node/171).

i know a couple people at omca, but not the people who are making these kinds of things happen. does anyone know folks at omca? i can also contact my acquaintances.

- marina

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 6:56 AM, Romy Ilano <romy@snowyla.com> wrote:
i resurrect the proposal for a day hacking in a museum. it could be node, it could be python...

i'm inspired because i saw a lot of node people doing hacking in the museum in sf. i'd like for us to do it too!

==> problem - museums do cost money. I have a membership and can get people in +1 ... maybe we can go on a free day... but those are crowded?

==> benefits - there's so muchs tuff like the history section of the oakland museum. i could see how this dovetails nicely into the oakland wiki group... how could you NOT be influenced by all the cool stuff going on there?

==> potential solution to money issues - we could buy group tickets or talk to the museum to get a special deal for our starving collective??? 


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