thanks vicky!

just to confirm, you mean the next sudomeeting on December 31?

and after the nominations are confirmed, the new board in finalized and we can use that in our 501c3 pursuits?

thanks again for all of this.

best, a
On 12/28/14 12:46 PM, Vicky Knox wrote:
Hey folks,

Our new board nominees are: April, Leslie, 5c077 (Scott E), and scotts (4
total). Final ayes or nays for these candidates should be stated at the
next Sudo meeting (Weds. January 31st @7pm). Remember that the final number
of board members should be odd.

I am formally stepping down from the board, and Max has already stated his
intent to step down. That leaves the continuing board members as: Anca M,
Hol G, Jenny R, Julio R, Liberty M, Marc J [treasurer], Marina K, Matt S,
Naomi M, Romy I, and Troy M (11 total).

Liberty, Naomi, Romy and Troy: Do you still desire to be board members? I
ask because we didn't hear from you when the board was called together to
do tax/incorporation stuff recently.

Take care,

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