To whom it may concern, and to those who's commitments are in alignment with our purpose.

I am requesting the reinstatement of Jenny Ryan.
and the rescinding of her ban. IMMEDIATELY.

I have had more than 10 communications from her,
and NONE of them have been about HER or me.
She has done more from her phone in the last week
then I have done in the last three years.

They ALL have been clearly operating inside the commitments
of the reason that the OMNI was created: To empower the less fortunate.


Omni Commons is a collective of collectives with a shared political vision of more equitable commoning of resources and meeting human needs over private interests or corporate profit. Based in Oakland, California, the all-volunteer organization owns and operates a 20,000+ square-foot community space and cultural center with infrastructure for the public to share their resources and support each other creatively."

Jenny's wealth of knowledge about the OMNI is valuable,
and what she has done for the OMNI is equally as valuable,
but what is PRICELESS is how f****** relentless she is about
making it work. Relentless.

And I would like to ask for a restraining order for Rob.

He used the sudo-room hacker space, and its tools for
months never cleaning up after himself, never following any kind of
safety protocalls, even when asked:

He left an open can of Henry's roof patch,
in the front room, which emits benzene, a class 3b carcinogen.

He once threatened to "kick everyone in the balls."

On Wednesday, October 13, 2009:31:21 AM PDT, Jenny Ryan <> wrote:

Hey DK! That's Sudo Mesh's lease, and we can't find the signed copy... Sudo Room has the fiscal sponsorship agreement I shared, which doesn't have renewal terms.
For clarity on why we don't have leases with project-based fiscally-sponsored projects, probably give Jesse a call?
It's been over four years since we bought the building and
so I'm a little fuzzy on the legalese,
other than the nonprofit entity can't have a lease with itself.



On 10/13/21 8:56 AM, David Keenan wrote:
Update - I didn't realize Sudo Room's lease was combined Sudo Mesh's lease - we do have the gdoc version of this document c.2019, what we're now looking for is the signed version, if folks might be able to help locate that..?

Many thanks,

On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 4:20 PM David Keenan <> wrote:
Hi fellow sudoers, 

Does anyone have a copy of Sudo's most recent lease with omni? 

This is being asked in order to get all our paperwork in a row for new/cheaper insurance and for review by potential lenders - 

The most recent lease w/ sudo that I could find is c.2016 w/ OOC (rather than OC), and I believe there normally would have been about two more rounds of leases since that time - 

If someone knows whether a more recent lease exists, or can provide a copy, that'd be super great - 

Thank you, 

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