Anybody have a robot arm?  I want to build something to turn the tape over in the radio room.

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It's that time again folks!

Come one, come all, experienced "i-can-solder-while-eating-a-burrito" and "what's-a-breadboard?" types alike, to the 3rd bi-weekly Microcontroller Hacking Night @ sudo room.  I'll be there around 5:30 and plan to stay pretty late - not 2AM like last time though...i hope.  Feel free to come and go at your convenience since there will be many projects going through various phases.  If there are a few people needing to build controllers to get started, once critical mass is reached I can guide people through the process of building a controller on a breadboard ala the Real Bare Bones Board schematic.  There are a few projects that are ongoing for people to join, including adding a keypad for the doorman, various 2-axis servo control applications (solar panels, camera, radio dish, dare i say laser???), a semi-automatic beer brewing controller, onboard camera for a model rocket, Raspberry Pi to Arduino interfacing and more!  Also I have some raw ingredients that can be used to make contro
 llers from scratch, so even complete newbies can come and with a little bit of assembly time start working up the learning curve independently if they choose.

We also have an etherpad for jotting down project info.  This is intended as a way for people to flesh out what subsystems are relevant to each project and encourage collaboration where there might be overlaps in technology.  You don't have to be interested in the entirety of a project to get involved - just help solve the one facet you're interested in, and everyone can fold it back into projects more relevant to their own work.
Last time there was a small discussion on compatibility between projects - i think it would be interesting to come up with some hardware and software standards that we can use in projects at sudo room to give more modularity and minimize the rework required to port a subsystem over to a new project.  Like common pinouts, connectors, libraries, and communication protocols for drop-in compatibility.

Calendar Info and Facebook link below:

Hope to see y'all there!
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