I spoke with mike: 

- new material: is elastomeric & EDRD rubber - thick liquid rubber that when it touches roof material it bonds with it 

- he will also install 3x new roof drains in addition to existing drains 

- the current 12-day forecast following tonight’s sprinkle he says is rare in rainy season and the ideal time 

- the new skylights he quoted are remotely operable (open) and come with remotely operable shades as well

Yar, sorry I must have forgotten - there’s just so many projects and some of this coordination is ad-hoc 


On Thu, Nov 18, 2021 at 14:35 Yardena Cohen <yardenack@gmail.com> wrote:
Sudoers, any objections to omni spending $12k now (plus $12k later) to
fix our roof? Deal of the decade IMHO. Can we consent on this by
tonight? Also, who's tonight's delegate?

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David I thought you were gonna tell me when you were meeting Mike at
Omni! You promised me like 3 times! Boo. But regardless, thank you.

I think Omni should jump at this opportunity. $12k for a 7-year
guarantee on the whole roof, plus another $12k that we don't need to
pay until refi? AND skylights? It's a no-brainer to me. It's a chunk
of our current savings, and we'll need to be extra frugal after this,
but 100% necessary.

Hardest part may be finding 7 dry days in a row, and 3 volunteers to
commit to being there 3 days in a row. I can to commit to being one of
them - can 2 other people commit to that also?

On Thu, Nov 18, 2021 at 1:58 PM David Keenan via finance
<finance@lists.omnicommons.org> wrote:
> MaryAnn's son Mike was kind enough to return to omni recently and quote a medium-term fix to the roof that he is willing to guarantee for 7 years.
> While he was on the roof, he also suggested replacing the skylights and provided that as well in a separate quote.
> The above 2 quotes are not dependent on one another. They are linked below, along with 2 pictures of prior roof samples:
>  EBC quote-Omni skylight-replacement_2021-11-18.pdf
>  EBC quote-Omni Roof Repair_2021-11-18.pdf
>  EBC-worksample1-roof.jpg
>  EBC-worksample2-roof.jpg
> Roofing quote:
> - $18.5K; he said he is willing to knock $4K off the the roof quote price if we can provide three volunteers who "know how to roll paint".
> - Takes 3 days to execute and needs 7 days of dry weather,
> - Could do in next two weeks otherwise probably would be next year
> - Needs 50% down to schedule
> - The quote is high-level and not as-yet very specific. He did mention the rubber-like substance he was going to use to lay over the roof (and use to feather up a few areas to prevent pooling), but unfortunately I can't recall the name of the product - I've asked him to follow up with that information.
> He estimated the weight of the additional roof layer to be ~400lb. That's not so much and so just speaking personally, I am not as concerned about the structural impacts of the weight of the additional layer as I would otherwise be, though others may be concerned (since it's also true we don't know how many layers of roof we presently have, as we have not yet cored the roof.)
> Skylight replacement quote:
> - $8.945.21 incl. donating his labor time (!) to Omni.
> - Needs 100% down to schedule as skylights would be custom-ordered.
> My thoughts:
> Mike seems incredibly nice. Both quotes are substantially lower than a typical roofing or skylight replacement quote. However, each quote nonetheless still represents a significant expense to Omni obviously.
> Safer DIY might (not yet determined) be willing to e.g. front Omni the 50% needed to engage the roof quote, provided it was paid back by Omni, say at least by the time of Omni's refi.
> Best,
> David
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