Hey Anca!

Sure, we can use it for the up-and-coming cafe in the entrance hall. Thanks!

If you ever need more space for any of your events, you're always welcome at Omni!


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On Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 10:49 AM, Anca Mosoiu <anca@techliminal.com> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I'm just finishing up a move from Tech Liminal's space in downtown Oakland to a much smaller space, and will not be needing some of the furniture.  We've already found homes for everything but this round IKEA table:

Inline image 1

Would this be useful at the Omni?  If so, I can drop it off tonight around 8:30 PM.  The table is in okay shape - the top has some dings on it.  It's pretty sturdy and around 48" in diameter.



Anca Mosoiu | Tech Liminal

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