If anyone can help - helllla early - this is muy importanto! thanks everybody! :)

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From: Jenny Ryan 
Date: Friday, July 25, 2014
Subject: [omnilogistics] Call for early birds! 7am caravan dump run tomorrow!
To: omnilogistics 
Cc: Rikke Rasmussen, "J.C. Cooper" 

Thanks to everybody who helped load the truck tonight with all the Omni detritus! And extra thanks to David K (who spent hours literally demolishing the heavy wooden furniture) and Rikke (who brought her box truck and coordinated, somehow, everything fitting perfectly like a game of box truck tetris).

But! We need to make the dump run _tomorrow morning_ as Rikke and JC have prior obligations to help with the Noisebridge Reboot [1] and need the truck empty by noon! We will be meeting at 7am outside of the Omni with an extra vehicle for a few folks who can help us unload the truck at the dump. Or you can meet us at the commercial waste dump, which is 3 blocks from the Coliseum BART stop.

If you can meet at this time (7am tomorrow/today), please contact me before 6:30am. We'll be checking with the dump at 6am to ensure they will allow an un-dumping vehicle to enter the premises, or if they will voluntarily help with unloading.


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