Hey, Sudoers

there's been a whole lotta talk and excitement about "do-ocracy" and, occasionally, adhocracy. That's rad!

I'd like to question the notion that "do-ocracy" is the logical end of collective efforts. In my view, do-ocracy is a great practice and ethic that is best served embedded in a loaf baked with intention, care, and... democracy.

To substantiate that, I'd like to share a one-page doc I composed that situates do-ocracy as a phase between two others, one the early "dream" state and the other an advanced "democracy" (so-called). While these phases exist on a gradient and can (and should) organically bleed into one another, there are important distinctions and caveats.

I hope this sparks some constructive conversation around accountability and alignment within the group. Really, I do!

very warmly,

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