Like.  But I think the problem, for now and for the foreseeable future, is that there is so much random dumping from people “affiliated” with sudo that the shelves couldn’t even keep up with it.  We could try and build a larger metal shelf that has lots of space in between levels to accommodate some stuff and, ya, I could see that alleviating some floor space.  Do we have some extra metal shelves we could build?  the current wood one sitting in that area doesn’t really work so well for that.

On Thu, Jul 27, 2017 at 6:43 PM, Lesley Bell <> wrote:

What about the probation shelving idea? We did it before, and it would make the space appear more organized...things that are slated to be disposed of go on shelves with clearly labeled disposal dates. Wanted or mistaken items can be removed, people can come scavenge, and things are off of the floor until they can be gotten rid of.

On Thu, Jul 27, 2017, 6:32 PM <> wrote:
I should probably be more than parenthetical when I say how much respect
I have for Jake and what a deeply positive, sustained impact he's had on
sudo room and acknowledge the below was a minor grumble that probably
should have been said verbally next time we're there or not at all
unless I'm immediately prepared to do something about it myself.


On 2017-07-27 09:19, wrote:
> With all due respect Jake (which is a shit ton!) the arm project and
> associated cables, boxes, etc have been taking up ~10% of our space
> for quite a while.  Any chance we can see some of that stuff removed
> or streamlined?  I love that it's there and appreciate the work that
> it took to get it operational but for a long time I've felt that it
> does take up an outsized space for the amount of use the wider
> community gets from it. Would it be helpful to set up a bench behind
> it (which it could be zeroed to) w/ storage beneath?  I'm into helping
> streamline the setup especially if we can get it to drill some hole
> patterns.
> One minor thing I notice is the flat material racks with all the glass
> etc that was here when we moved in - are people digging into this
> material or is it just sitting there?  Might be good to get what we
> need from it at wheel it down to creative reuse if no one is using
> that glass.
> I was there Monday and love the progress on the shelves!
> On 2017-07-26 01:31, Jake wrote:
>> there is a bicycle frame without wheels, a fender, and five wheels and
>> three
>> tires floating around sudoroom, as well as two bicycles that do not
>> belong to
>> anyone who is here right now.
>> I don't think people should be using sudoroom as a place to store
>> their
>> vehicles, and large projects like bicycles should not be stored here
>> except for
>> very limited situations like a project that takes more than one day.
>> People have been working very hard on cleaning up the space and the
>> electronics
>> waste pile is huge.  It will be cleared out soon and I hope we can
>> deal with
>> the bicycles too, and then we can start looking at other large items
>> like the
>> embroidery machine and juki sewing machine table, and get those out of
>> here.
>> If anyone knows whose bicycle frame and wheels these are, or whose
>> whole
>> bicycles these are being stored here, please ask them to take them
>> somewhere
>> else when they're not visiting sudoroom.
>> what do people think of that?
>> -jake
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