I’d be down to help set this up. If someone is able to help me with access to sudo’s servers/hosting, I could drop by the space either tonight, tomorrow night, or Friday sometime. Or I’d be happy to coordinate online via IRC or email as well

Corey | @stackptr

On August 13, 2017 at 9:13:42 PM, Jake (jake@spaz.org) wrote:

Henner wrote this awesome parts organizer web service, and it's running at
noisebridge (and his house):

here's the noisebridge implementation (type a letter to begin instant search):

i would love to help fill it with information about the stuff we have at
sudoroom, but i am not confident in my ability to install it and get it running
on our network. If someone feels good about doing this, sudo make it happen
and i'll help.

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