Hey all- I think this topic is super important given the gentrification and housing crisis in our area, the increasing eviction of encampments such as at the recent clearing of the camp at the southend of lake merritt around the convention center, etc. I think there's also a lot of potential to go beyond the sculptural practice of this guys work given organizing networks and capacities of a place like sudo, not to mention the temperate climate of the bay area. Could this conversation be worthy of some sort of "Right to the City/Hack the City" working group? Would love to connecting with others interested in developing this conversation..

a priori, a few potentially relevant precedents from the arch/design world:


Superuse Studios: cataloging waste materials from industrial ecologies to be used for building projects.


Architect Teddy Cruz has been working on developing frameworks for safe informal/DIY housing in Tijuana/San Diego.


Urban Code: UC berkeley project to catalog and network interstitial city-owned land in SF.


On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 4:46 PM, Vicky Knox <vknoxsironi@gmail.com> wrote:
Heh glad this thread is so popular! Any response yet from this guy? On a related note, I'm part of a listserv* where talk of tiny houses has been really hot. Let me know if you want access.

*Spaghetti Night. It is a great portal into (one of) the Berkeley co-op/weirdo universe(s).

2014-03-03 10:06 GMT-08:00 Hol Gaskill <hol@gaskill.com>:

hah the look on his face must've been priceless!  i was scheming on said conestoga wagon, decided to get a few flatbeds under my belt first.  hopefully have something to report on this month!
on Mar 02, 2014, Gabrielle Silverman <gabbywingnut@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey it's definitely real, I know somebody who got one of the tiny houses.

Also on the "what if... occupy" tip I was once involved with a community garden in the south bronx that kept getting bulldozed and rebuilt over and over. Kicking off one of the re-occupations we built a little cassita in pieces in another garden around the corner and then carried it all over and screwed it together one night to announce the rebirth of the encampment.

Best moment was dude from the city the first morning talking into his cell phone: "They have a house. I repeat a HOUSE. They're more organized than we thought they were..."


On Mar 2, 2014 5:54 PM, "Chris Bee" <hotelcompany@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm not calling shenanigans, but...I haven't seen any of these around, and I spend a lot of time in WSO. Should I call that number and volunteer my services? Assuming the article's legit and not just a puff piece, this sounds like a project that sudo should be working with.

Even if it's BS, I recall someone- quite possibly from sudo- mentioning a bike trailer/Conestoga wagon type thing that sounded pretty cool. I don't remember whether they built it or were planning to build it...anyone?

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