by the way, a reminder that we can schedule a free ewaste pickup through omni's new recycling org, CiviCorps. doing so does require that the pile be fairly organized, and the following form filled out that lists how many of different kinds of ewaste we have (eg; hard drives, printers, "other electronics" ftw!) - oh, and cords&cables they'll take and we don't have to count : http://www.civicorpsrecycling.org/e-waste-pick-request-form/


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-Laurie Anderson

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On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 9:03 AM, robb <sf99er@gmail.com> wrote:
oakland already haz spokeland

On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 1:31 AM, Jake <jake@spaz.org> wrote:
there is a bicycle frame without wheels, a fender, and five wheels and three
tires floating around sudoroom, as well as two bicycles that do not belong to
anyone who is here right now.

I don't think people should be using sudoroom as a place to store their
vehicles, and large projects like bicycles should not be stored here except for
very limited situations like a project that takes more than one day.

People have been working very hard on cleaning up the space and the electronics
waste pile is huge.  It will be cleared out soon and I hope we can deal with
the bicycles too, and then we can start looking at other large items like the
embroidery machine and juki sewing machine table, and get those out of here.

If anyone knows whose bicycle frame and wheels these are, or whose whole
bicycles these are being stored here, please ask them to take them somewhere
else when they're not visiting sudoroom.

what do people think of that?

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