On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 8:43 PM, Eddan Katz <eddan@clear.net> wrote:
just wondering how you're thinking about resumes that are available online or on a personal blog as different from LinkedIn, etc.. sincerely not sure what you mean by this paragraph below.

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> On Oct 26, 2013, at 8:12 PM, Jenny Ryan <tunabananas@gmail.com> wrote:
> I also think it's important we de-emphasize the Board as much as possible - and in that vein would like to propose that anyone elected to the board not list their "position" on LinkedIn, Facebook etc to avoid the public image of having a hierarchical structure. However, it is indeed a position of responsibility that reflects commitment to the group and, as such, folks elected should be allowed to list it on job applications and resumes if so desired. In a similar vein, anyone on the compact should very much consider themselves a co-founder!


Replying to you, Eddan, as well as the list, in case anyone else was confused by this proposal. I was just thinking about the public perception of hierarchy and ways to minimize that. My distinguishing between LinkedIn and job applications was to distinguish between publicly- and privately-communicated content - so an online [public] blog, resume, etc would fall in the same category as LinkedIn for all intents and purposes.

Just a suggestion, happy to discuss!