I had a Dynaco PAS-2 preamplifier and Dynaco Stereo 70 power amplifier since 1976.  I gave them to a friend when I moved away from San Francisco in July.  They still work great!  These are some of the highest quality audiophile amp/preamp sets you can get for any price. 

(Though replacing the power supply will work fine, I recommend keeping the original 5R4 tube rectifier in the power amp, since the 6L6 power tubes will last longer when the power supply voltage warms up at the same rate as the power tubes.) 

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I've finally come around to realizing that I'm just not
going to finish a couple electronics projects I set aside a
few years back.  If anyone is interested in post-war tube
audio, I have, free to a good home:

- Dynaco PAS-2 preamplifier

- Dynaco Stereo 70 power amplifier

All the bits are there, including tube complements, and I've
had both working quite well in the past.  The selenium
rectifiers have been replaced, but I started, but did not
finish, replacing the power supplies and can capacitors with
modern components.  They'll need that work finished before
they can play music.

I should mention that the power amplifier is heavy.  If
you're interested, you'll probably want to put them in a
vehicle: car, truck, bicycle trailer, &c.

I should also mention that while these could be great first
projects in tube audio, anyone working on these kinds of
circuits should be mindful of electrical safety.  Voltages
are high, and power supply capacitors can store dangerous
amounts of energy.  I have a homemade capacitor discharge
tool if you want it.

Relatedly, I also have a TubeDebot 6L6 kit amplifier in good
working order, also free to a good home.  I'm not sure if
the model is exactly the same, but here's the manufacturer's
current page:


It's a neat little amp, quite powerful, takes line-level
input, and has a built-in volume knob, so you can use it for
phones or computers or MP3 players without preamplification.
I was gifted a smaller TubeDepot ready-made amp some time
after buying the kit, which is why the kit amp sits quiet.

Special thanks to Jake for encouraging me to mention on this
list.  I'm not currently subscribed to sudo-discuss, so
please make sure to copy me.
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