The power to all of sudo room was turned off and on again at the circuit breaker tonight between 4 and 5 am.

This was done by am obviously drunk Timon. I don't know why he was flicking switches in the circuit breaker box. He apologized and claimed to not know that any of the circuit breakers were related to sudo room.

I told him that he'd just caused all of our infrastructure to hard reset. He became agitated and started complaining that I was staying on the topic after he had already explained himself. I then asked him to leave the common space. He refused, became very agitated, claimed a legal right to be in the common space and among other things requested that I leave his vicinity. I felt threatened by his behavior.

Most of the sudo room infrastructure seemed to recover gracefully from the hard reboot. The internet connection did not come back up automatically, but after a couple of reboots of the DSL modem the connection was back.