Thanks Matt! I just tried to add the Omni meeting to the Sudo Calendar. for May 1. Didn't work. I may have messed something up or maybe there's permissions. I admittedly have never added an event to Sudo cal b/c I have only been sole bottomliner for classroom events.

***FYI friends all, my password change/Sudo things were going to my junk mail, so folks may want to check that.


On Monday, April 28, 2014 10:49:02 PM UTC-7, Matthew Senate wrote:
If you want to check to see if your user account was deleted, please try to log in here:

If you forgot your password, use this:

To register for the first time to post on the events calendar and sudo room blog (NOT THE WIKI), then register here:

Let me know if any data is missing, I have a backup to restore if necessary.

// Matt