Does anyone have rfid tags lying around? Can we make some for George and friends? I think I have two blanks.

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Date: Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 11:17 PM
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Yes i will require a RFID tag, so will Laurie and so will Venus from the hair salon and especially Billy Marcowitz who is having an operation soon.  Regards George
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I am not on George's list of pre-approved email addresses so the email bounced. Can someone send this for me?

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Hi George!

We hear your concerns about locking the elevator in the top position. It is understandable that you want more than a glass door between the street and the inside of the building.

We have now installed an access control system for the elevator. When the access control is active, the elevator cannot be opened from the bottom floor without going through the electronic access control system (the same system we use for the glass door to the street). You can always access the elevator from the second floor and the controls inside of the elevator are also unaffected, it is only the bottom floor access that is hooked into the access control system.

The access control system has a manual override. You can disable or enable the system by toggling a new switch just outside of the door leading into sudo room from the common room. It's on the right side of the door and should be easy to find.

We have told our members to always make sure the access control system is enabled before they leave the space.

This means that from now on we don't have to use the red lock button anymore, since the elevator is automatically inaccessible from the bottom floor (unless you have an access code or RFID tag).

I don't know if you have an access code or RFID tag yourself, but if you don't we will certainly make you one. You can also always go up the stairs and lock yourself in and use the manual override to disable the elevator access control.

Hopefully this all means that the security is increased and that we don't have to bug you to let us in like we did today :-)

Marc Juul