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Current Status

As of 12pm on 10/31/2013, the heater in the print head is broken. Hol is taking the lead on getting a new one.


We currently have the following 3D printers:

3D Printer - Type A Machines Series 1

PC for 3D Printer

There is a Linux PC that connects to the 3D Printer. It has all the required software installed.



Documentation for Beginners

We currently don't have great documentation right now that covers turning on a printer, connecting it to the computer, calibration, and setting it up. We are working on that.

The current documentation / comic on the printer bed calibration is also out of date, since we have a new printer bed. Romy is compiling a 3D Printing for Beginners page on both SudoRoom and Noisebridge Wiki https://noisebridge.net/wiki/3DPrintBeginners


Quick and dirty overview

  • Turn on the 3D Printer (switch is on the back right side)
  • Make sure the 3D Printer is connected by USB to the desktop
  • Start the program Repetier-Host http://www.repetier.com/documentation/repetier-host/
  • Calibrate the printer
  • Load your STL file (model of the 3D Printout)
  • Slice the STL file into G-Code
  • Print
  • Post-Print - remove from the 3D printer bed with a razor

Gallery of Creations


Software installed on the Linux PC connected to the printer

Still looking for a good user guide/tutorial on Pronterface

More on Type A Machines 3D Printer

Here are a few links on how to operate and maintain the printer

Older Documentation

Printer Calibration

Background: Original handwritten piece by Jae. This was the primary documentation for most of the early SudoRoom days and was writen down on a piece of paper. It's quite excellent.

3D Printing - page 1

Fun Projects

These are humorous one off projects started for various purposes. Sometimes I think these wiki pages need a little non mean spirited humor.

3D Printer Dear Diary

  • This was a humorous attempt at creating a personal teen diary for the 3D printer in hopes that more people would get engaged and participate. It didn't work. I hope I didn't offend anyone by suggesting our type a machine is a brony.