5MoF 2017-03-01

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Put your name and title of your presentation - additionally a link if anyone wants to learn more.

Please feel free to email (info@sudoroom.org) if you have questions or concerns about this event or 5MoF in general.

Please also include contact details so that organizers can notify you in case the event needs to be canceled or postponed. A user page with details suffices.

1. juul - DisasterRadio: Using LoRa radio chips and mesh networking to build a trans-bay off-grid disaster recovery network!

2. romy Healthy eating project kickoff. How can we use technology to understand what is the right thing to put in our bodies? Could SudoRoom collaborate with CountrCulture labs so we can have devices that tell us exactly how artificial or addictive some food product is? Join in my quest!

3. tunabananas - How to Buy a Building - and keep it radical! - You've got a solid community, but how does one catalyze excited newbie energy / burnt out founders / confused in-betweens into the kind of productivity needed to acquire and maintain a multi-use space when moving from DIY -> DIT -> WE GONNA OWN THIS BUILDING OMG WTF?!?

4. captain_morgan - Hubalyzer - Testing rig to measure efficiency of dynamo power devices. Made At SudoRoom

5. ceremona - (Waiting for Cere to confirm)

6. marina/substack - (Tentative)

7. jefdaj - (Talk will be on SSB. Waiting for jefdaj to confirm)