5MoF 2017-04-05

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Put your name and title of your presentation - additionally a link if anyone wants to learn more.

Please feel free to email (info@sudoroom.org) if you have questions or concerns about this event or 5MoF in general.



3. tunabananas - How to Buy a Building - and keep it radical! - You've got a solid community, but how does one catalyze excited newbie energy / burnt out founders / confused in-betweens into the kind of productivity needed to acquire and maintain a multi-use space when moving from DIY -> DIT -> WE GONNA OWN THIS BUILDING OMG WTF?!?

4. Mitar - What is Intel SGX and how you can secure your JavaScript using my new package.

5. juul - [fread.ink https://fread.ink/] - Building a free and open source alternate operating system for electronic paper ebook readers.