8th and Alice

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Two blocks from, four blocks from Broadway.


  • Parcel number: 1-185-18
  • Property tax: $4,440 secured + $4,597 supplemental = $8,997
  • Assuming one floor is 1/3 of that tax: $2,999 yearly or $250 monthly

Building and fire insurance

We heard that the building/fire insurance for The Omni is only $500 a month. That seems _really_ low for such a big space. We need to get a quote, but for now let's assume $500 for one floor.

3rd floor costs

  • Floor plan total: 5,425 sqft
  • Floor plan total minus elevator/stairways: maybe ~5,000 sqft
  • Price: 90 cents per sqft nnn.
  • Creative Development Partners IG cost estimate (on top of nnn): $0.25 to $0.50 per sqft
  • Our IG cost estimate: $250 tax monthly + maybe $500 building/fire insurance monthly
  • Total cost estimate with CDP: $5,750 to $7,000
  • Total cost estimate with ours: $5,250