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{not to be confused with Door Access}

The barrier to entry to Sudo Room is intended to be very low. Sudo Room is committed to public access: the ability for the public to visit at all times that members are present, and to utilize Sudo Room's resources for community improvement (especially along the lines of Sudo Room values). Sudo Room is open 24/7, but in reality is open whenever members are present (which is typically from about 9AM to 2AM).

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Sudoers are people who agree to the Articles of Association and contribute to the space through a monthly [[donation or in-kind improvement or project contribution. Members in turn receive the benefit of 24/7 access to Sudo Room and its resources. Become a member!


La Commune Cafe and Bookstore, Rise Above Graphics, Sudo Room and Counter Culture Labs are all wheelchair-accessible on the ground floor. The ballroom is accessible via a wheelchair lift via La Commune. The doorway to the Ticket Booth Room has been widened to enable wheelchair access.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have an ADA-accessible bathroom. The bathroom connected to La Commune is currently being renovated to become a single-occupancy ADA bathroom, but we have some work to do until it's complete. The bathroom in the hallway leading to Sudo Room and Counter Culture Labs is single-occupancy and can be utilized by those with some limited mobility.

We plan to have the ADA bathroom completed by November 15th. Long-term plans include an elevator lift to the basement and upstairs areas.