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Rocket Stove:

Rocket stove in action in Oakland. by User:EM_Che
  • Made using found materials.
  • Design encourages accessibility to those without capital or experience.
  • Construction skills involve bending metal and cutting metal, without welding.
  • Necessary tools: hammer and vice grips (for bending metal experiments), and something sharp: scissors, garden shears, knife, or pliers.
  • All materials are found on the street, total cost zero.
  • Replicability tested. After loss, was rebuilt in a day and made at

You will need:

  1. 1 large coffee can, paint can, or industrial-size fruit can.
  2. 1 regular size soup can
  3. small piece of metal, for the fuel shelf.
  4. large piece of metal, or interior can with less diameter than the outer canister.

Crunch, hack... more details and plan coming soon. Metal Experiments

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