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this is an orange fanless PC running linux mint 20 connected to the big HITACHI TV on the east wall in sudoroom

The TV was originally bolted to the wall in late 2015, connected to a raspberry pi.

In 2022 it got a new computer and improved scripts to make it work. Join the sudo-discuss list for more information!

this node package serves a local webapp that connects to a Jitsi server, while watching the number of participants in order to keep the monitor turned on when people are in the room:

commands in ~/bin include screen-on which unblanks the screensaver. screen-q queries the present settings. there is a cron job keeping the dpms timeout (hardware screensaver) set to 300 seconds

its IP address is fixed at (see network to be sure)

not working right now: when sudobot (in irc) sees you, type !say something and it will cause this computer to speak