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Welcome to the Opensourcebiotech Wiki

Open Source Desktop Biotech Lab

Open Source Desktop biotech lab

Our aim is to liberate biotech from academic and commercial labs and as such we're developing the basic tool kit to allow people to do real biotech, to take a gene and add it to a bacteria colony. Our aim is to create a full tool kit that will allow everyone to innovate, these tools currently include:

1. PCR

2. Centrifuge

3. Gel Box

4 Incubator (for bacterial colonies)

Throughout the course of this project, participants will co-create and foster an open access citizen science project that accomplishes specific scientific goals while educating and nurturing community and scientific creativity.
Those participating in this project adhere to the following statements:

We are Non-hierarchical:

We recognize the outcomes of hierarchy. Hierarchy represses creative thought in science, denies access to science, and holds back global scientific development. As a collective of citizen scientists working toward a more complete understanding of molecular medicine, we commit ourselves to nurturing creative, positive voices within our community. We commit ourselves to hearing everyone and refuse to acknowledge hierarchy based on: sex and gender, race, age, accreditation, education, class, or access to resources. We stand in solidarity against oppression and hierarchy.

We believe in open access and transparency:

Everyone is invited to participate in and learn from this project. We will always make time for conversation and teaching opportunities. Online meetings, communications regarding this project, and all findings will be publicized on this fully-editable wiki with the stipulation that those participating adhere to a value system of mutual respect, compassion and safety; while accepting that these values will be enforced via community-based decision making.

We believe in full Consensus:

We believe scientists should be open to discussion around research experiments, data interpretation, and project directions. To foster a spirit of openness and understanding, no decision will be made without 100% consensus.

We believe in asking (and answering) questions:

Science is a question. Our social quest is the pursuit of knowledge. We are not approaching this project with the hope of making money. We want to collectively answer questions and serve our communities. We will stand in solidarity against anyone who chooses to co-opt or privatize any portion of this project. All knowledge must be free and accessible!
Be Excellent to Each Other!