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FAQs! We can either make this its own page or use this as a working document before incorporating it (drumtap, please) into the main Board page.

Questions that still need answering:

  1. Why do we have a board? It is required in order to be incorporated
  2. What responsibilities does the board have? Ensuring that a minimum amount of paperwork is filed per required timelines.
  3. What are official positions within the board? The only official position is the treasurer. Other unofficial positions may exist and should rotate; e.g. scribe, facilitator, etc
  4. Does the board have a chairman? No chairman is required. Therefore, we don't have one.
  5. Does sudoroom have a CEO? No CEO is required to be incorporated. Therefore, we don't have one. If we had one, the board would have the responsibility to hire or fire the CEO.
  6. Does a board member have a legal duty to fund raise? Not unless it's written in the articles of incorporation.
  7. What legal and/or financial liabilities does a board member have compared to a member of sudoroom who is not on the board?
  8. What type of legal classification do we have? California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation
  9. What type of legal classification do we NOT have? Benefit Corporation (B Corp)
  10. What type of legal classification do we want to have in the future? 501c.3?
  11. Are we a business? No
  12. Do we need a business license? Yes