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Places to get your circuitboards made, or even populated with parts:

hackvana has an IRC channel on freenode, #hackvana where you can talk with others for advice, including Mitch Davis who runs the company, and ask about your order. Jerkey has used them with satisfaction, but they are not the cheapest. They prefer Paypal, or someone in Australia who can pay in person.

Jerkey used them once and they fucked up the order, possibly because they were replacing their entire website and e-store and payment processing company on that very day. They are cheaper than Hackvana so as long as they don't screw up it might be worth using.

You work with a million-dollar truck that's also a one-of-a-kind scientific instrument. Every noteworthy function on this truck passes through a single PCB full of relays and optocouplers in an inaccessible location. Thanks to a PCB design flaw, the board fails in the middle of a three-million-dollar project on another continent. The spare board is also faulty. The manufacturer only made two boards.

After performing the field repair of your career and returning home victorious, you volunteer to reverse-engineer and create a clone of this goddamn board. One so much better designed and more reliable that it never fails again. Your reputation is on the line. Money is no object. And you need the PCBs in 72 hours. Where do you turn?

(Also reportedly used by National Instruments for PCB prototypes)