Brother HL-2270DW

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Model: Brother HL-2270DW
Model website:
Features: B&W laser duplex wifi
wifi mac address: 00:22:58:18:DD:FD

HELP! how do i stop it printing stuff nobody wants?

Open a browser on a computer connected to the sudoroom network, and go to Then... i don't know what to do.

Configured to connect to the SSID "sudoroom" with static IP

You can access its web interface from the sudo network:

The user is "user" and its password is "sudoroom" - the admin password is kept by Yar

Original listserv announcement:

bare-metal linux instructions

  1. Install & run CUPS
    • On Ubuntu/Mint:
      • apt-get install cups
      • service start cups
    • On Debian:
      • apt-get install cups
      • /etc/init.d/cups start
    • On Arch Linux:
      • pacman -Syu cups
      • systemctl start cups
  2. You configure CUPS through the browser at: http://localhost:631/admin
  3. Click on Add Printer. It will ask you for your root password. This is very insecure but it's how some stupid Linux things work!
    • User Name: root
    • Password: your root password
  4. Under Other Network Printers, select: LPD/LPR Host or Printer and press continue
  5. Under Connection, enter this string: lpd://
  6. Choose a name, description & location you will remember, then press continue
  7. Under Make, select Brother. Press continue.
  8. Under Model, select: Brother HL-1250 Foomatic/hl1250 (recommended).
  9. Press Add Printer.
  10. Try printing a test page!