Brother HL-2270DW

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It's a networked printer. Most operating systems will find it automatically if you're connected to any of these wifi networks:

  • sudomesh
  • sudoroom
  • sudoroom24g2
  • sudoroom2.4ghz
  • sudoroom5ghz
  • basement
  • Omni Ballroom

If you have trouble over the network, you can also connect by USB.


Model: Brother HL-2270DW
Model website:
user guide
network user's guide
Features: B&W laser duplex wifi
wifi mac address: 00:22:58:18:DD:FD
ethernet mac address: 00:1B:A9:56:22:ED

Configured to connect to the SSID "sudomesh" with static IP

You can access its web interface from the sudo network:

The user is "user" and its password is "sudoroom" - the admin password is kept by Yar

Original listserv announcement:

HELP! how do i stop it printing stuff nobody wants?

if you're printing from linux, try emptying your local print spool by typing lprm

also try the printer's web interface maybe

bare-metal linux instructions

  1. Install & run CUPS
    • On Ubuntu/Mint:
      • apt-get install cups
      • service start cups
    • On Debian:
      • apt-get install cups
      • /etc/init.d/cups start
    • On Arch Linux:
      • pacman -Syu cups
      • systemctl start cups
  2. You configure CUPS through the browser at: http://localhost:631/admin
  3. Click on Add Printer. It will ask you for your root password. This is very insecure but it's how some stupid Linux things work!
    • User Name: root
    • Password: your root password
  4. Under Other Network Printers, select: LPD/LPR Host or Printer and press continue
  5. Under Connection, enter this string: lpd://
  6. Choose a name, description & location you will remember, then press continue
  7. Under Make, select Brother. Press continue.
  8. Under Model, select: Brother HL-1250 Foomatic/hl1250 (recommended).
  9. Press Add Printer.
  10. Try printing a test page!

Getting More Toner

Bring the empty toner cartridge to Cartridge World and they will give you a full one for $50ish. They reuse the cartridges. They've always had plenty of this model in stock. If you know of a cheaper alternative please edit this wiki.

It's just down the road, 1.5 miles away. Directions

Make sure you bring just the cartridge and not the entire drum thing. Those are more expensive and breakable.