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Juul, Tunabananas, Totum visiting thex & auto-nomous at Chez Hack and woodlands sanctuary.

Action Items

  • Post-Waste nexus (Lief) getting momentum in SF/Noisebridge
  • Jenny sync self, JC, Praveen & Christina re: Hacker-in-Residence
  • Checklist for end-of-June BYOS deployment
  • Contact tax collector's office to relay what we want to do and ask how we proceed
  • Contact sudo legal team to get them up to speed on codes and process
  • Pick a property and try to do it
  • Visit the Weird Stuff warehouse [Caravan Item]

Hack It

  • Fix CNC Mill
  • Inventory of hack supplies
  • Organize Events
  • Buy label printers
  • Mill-produced graphical record of tonight
  • Fix the bikes at Chez Hack!
  • Hack label printers? Smartphone printers
  • UI/UX design for Mycelia


Desired outcome of conversation:

  • Clarity on current state + idea
  • Potentially a time set for deployment along with actionitems.
  • Phase developments / patterns: From scouting, to camper, to tent site to
  • Pickup truck, folks to pick up campers, places to put them.
    • Eg Adeline empty lot, Matt's street in Oakland, a few spots in SF
    • Construction materials, furnishings, servers
  • Create instructables for making Wikitown out of recycled materials
  • BAHT: Bay Area Hacker Transit - network of folks to pick up materials for hackerspaces
  • Focus on Craigslist Free in Marin!
  • Also LA - Beau's friend has a warehouse, we can store in Badlands.
  • Application process for potential tenants
  • Desert property for Sober Veggie House, general hacker rehab :)
  • Non-profit and trust to create sustainable model
  • Property in the desert
  • Hacker-in-Residence program - sync with Praveen and Christina

Basic idea

Using campers for establishing beach head at an empty piece of land. Sort of a basecamp to work from - once you got a camper there, you can go there and hang out.


  • Go to lot and prepare road
  • Create foundation (concrete?) for camper
  • Bring it in!

Once successfully deployed ...

  • Build a fence
  • Create a tent-structure

Campers as mini-hackerspaces

Patterns of hackerspaces:

  • Scout
  • Potential mothership addition in caravan + community?

What is the minimum 'stuff' required for X people to go out there and hack for 72 hours?


  • Tim has 2 campers and properties in CA.
  • We can gather free materials for everything we need to establish a wikitown, as long as we got infrastructure to get it (trucks and people) and space to store it.

Potential Properties to Pilot on

In CA, there are several in the high desert, less than 2 hours from LA. There are 2 in Lake country, and three in North East California not far from the Oregon and Nevada border.

  • 10 acres of farmland.
  • reachable by public transit
  • Gets a few feet of snow in the winter
  • Needs a well [1].
  • Has a tractor
  • 2 other properties in the national forest
  • free campground nearby
  • beautiful!


  • Starting in the Bay Area, weekly
  • Teacher Buses, Occupy Oakland bus, Anthony Di Franco, whale bus Tim mentioned
  • First weekend: hit Reno by way of Sacramento
  • Documentary/video along the way (Two Hands Project)
    • Building awareness among non-hackers
    • Involving people in an inter-hackerspace community
    • Education and DIY inspiration
    • After watching video --> inspire people to help out in specific ways
    • Video portal
    • OpenSim telepresence
      • Helping set up a good video space (eg as in sudo or NB)
      • Needs to be able to fold out, be more affordable
      • Knob for switching between hackerspaces
      • Donated plasma screens
      • WebRTC?
  • Workshops
    • Intro to Electronics
    • Intro to Hackerspaces
    • Hacking on hackerspaces - helping to build infrastructure, set up a mesh node << Mesh node**: wifi via space? will the eco-village have wifi?

Property searching

  • GIS files w/ parcel outlines
  • Analysis of flood plain areas, toxic sites etc
  • Tabular data [eg value of improveements, use code, etc]
  • Tax collector data
  • Zoning, road access, access to water,
  • Hen Foundation, Noisebridge
  • Set up payment plan
  • Loans for the non-profit
  • Scope the potential properties thoroughly
  • Participation with the surrounding community
  • Development
    • Many of the properties are mix-zoned
  • Couple shipping containers, maybe 4 tiny homes, gardens / landscaping, and some tents
  • Under 30k is the goal
  • Needs hosting for qGIS data
  • Collect data on the properties from the County Office, Building Safety - name & address of property owner
    • Permits, code violations, etc
    • County Recorder's office for documents

SKD (Sofa King Duet)

  • Could we use one of the offices available connected to sudo's common room to launch a coworking space/business? Budget: 2k(ish)/month

Interpersonal Ecosystem

  • Essentially - hate to say it - a Facebook for hackers like github?
  • This clearly ties in to Mycelia - how to implement on the UI level? --> Hack night
  • Project-based system (again see Mycelia) that serves as a matchmaking platform between people, project, skills, ideas, spaces, etc
  • More on focused convo to come!