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Today I Learned - Comics, Arduinos, 3D Printing & More

Comic drawing jam session at SudoRoom... we drew comics then got the drawing onto a locket...
we printed out a lithograph of MaxKlein's drawing during our Today I Learned jam session
Today I Learned from May 11, 2013 2pm!
Rabbit, a new SudoRoom visitor, collaborates on a comic jam during one of our weekly meetings
Cartoon Jam May 1, 2013
Cartoon Jam May 1, 2013

Files from the Event

Here are the files


  • WHEN May 11th, Saturday, 2pm
  • DURATION 2-3 hours. Even longer if you want.
  • LOCATION sudo room
  • PRICE $0
  • NUTSHELL Old-fashioned comic book jam. We will take the end result and print it out as a relief using the 3D Printer.
  • INSTRUCTOR Romy Ilano

Decoration of SudoRoom

By the end of the day we'd like to hang up some comics in the space to spruce it up.


  • Giant roll out scrolls of paper 20 feet long that we can draw a big comic on!
  • Wacom Bamboo Tablet
  • 3D Printer


  • Roll out a big roll of paper
  • People draw their characters interacting (1 or more characters per artist)
  • We scan the drawing
  • We fuse the scan onto a 3D Model using the customizable Lithopane onThingiverse -
  • Print out the lithopane on the 3D Printer
    • Warning - this might take a while (at least 20-30 minutes?)


This is a public service, community-driven event.