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Please add links to pages for any active projects here..

See also Category:Projects

Regular Meetups

Sudo Room Room Projects

These are projects related to the infrastructure and community of Sudo Room.

Electronics at SudoRoom

Door Access

We are currently working on creating a system for access to Sudo Room via some kind of websitey thingamajig.

3D Printing

Programming at SudoRoom

  • Sudo API
  • SudoLearningProgramming Learn Python, Ruby, Node.JS and other languages! Maybe even Prolog!
  • Lone wolf iOS developer group - we are outcasts in the hacker community. people get paid to pester us to developer for the latest a* product. let's cling together and try not to get split up

Music at SudoRoom

Biology Projects

More info on the biohacking page.

Sudo Space Program

Other cool stuff

See also

See our Projects page on the main Sudo Room website.

Non SudoRoom Projects that are Cool

Sudo Space Program

These are neat but are these projects that anyone at SudoRoom works on? If not then they should be moved into another page outside of SudoRoom projects (Romy)

Other cool stuff


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