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Every Third Sunday of the month from 2-5pm, Sudo Room hosts an afternoon of co-learning and teaching about digital security. The driving motivation of our cryptoparties is to learn about end-user security in a fun, welcoming and inclusive environment. Popular topics include: why digital security is important; strategies for activists and journalists; encrypted email; encrypted text messaging; encrypted phone calls; encrypting your hard drive; off-the-record instant messaging; secure web browsing; mesh networks; and presentations on newer projects. All skill levels welcome - bring your phone and/or laptop!

Anony Zebra, the official Cryptoparty mascot, protecting herself from Stripe Recognition


Ways To Volunteer For Non Coders

Translation Efforts:


Writing (documentation + press releases):

General Resources

Recommended Software

Android Windows OS X Linux Cross-platform or Web
Email [K9]( Thunderbird+Enigmail Thunderbird, Enigmail Thunderbird, Enigmail riseup webmail
Chat Example Example Example Example Example
Network Encryption Example Example Example Example Example
Disk Encryption Example Example Example Example Example

Flyers and Handouts

(png) A flyer for hosting a cryptoparty at sudo room. Download source svg file.
Cryptoparty flyer.