Current security mechanisms at SudoRoom


Just like the oil tribe in Max Max, Sudo Room must learn to protect itself from hostile outside elements without becoming hostile itself.

  • How can Sudo Room protect its wiki from spam?
  • How can SudoRoom improve the safety of guests, members and citizens living in this slice of Oakland?
  • How can we enlist the help of talented hackers to protect us from hostile outside hackers?
  • How can we protect Sudo Room from fungus and mold? They're huge problems! They kill more people than hackers!

We all know super smart people. Wouldn't this be a chance for them to show off how clever they are at being hackers?

Security Incidents


  • June 2013 two SudoRoom members were robbed at gunpoint.
June 2013 incident
SudoRoom Gunpoint Robbery Suspect (June 2013)