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This page is currently a bit of a mess, containing only some notes about GNU Radio. We need to add links to source code for receiving and transmitting and documentation for the code.

Interesting links

UHD gain selection

The command:

 sudo uhd_find_devices

Should list the gain range for the TX or RX frontend of choice.

E.g. for the WBX TX frontend you get:

 Gain range PGA0: 0.0 to 25.0 step 0.1 dB

Make sure you're not looking at the gain range for TX when you're looking to receive or vice-versa, as the won't necessarily be the same!

GNU Radio UHD device selection

For a USRP 1 this should be in the form: serial=<hex_serial>. E.g:


To find device serial run:

 sudo uhd_find_devices

You're looking for output that looks like:

|     _____________________________________________________
|    /
|   |       Mboard: USRP1
|   |   serial: 24e6b31a

To set the sub-device (the daughterboard and channel) use the format:




This slot_name and daughterboard_frontend_id are also findable with the command:

 sudo uhd_find_devices

The output you're looking for looks like:

|   |     _____________________________________________________
|   |    /
|   |   |       RX Dboard: B
|   |   |   ID: WBX, WBX + Simple GDB (0x0053)
|   |   |     _____________________________________________________
|   |   |    /
|   |   |   |       RX Frontend: 0
|   |   |   |   Name: WBXv2 RX+GDB
|   |   |   |   Antennas: TX/RX, RX2, CAL
|   |   |   |   Sensors: lo_locked
|   |   |   |   Freq range: 68.750 to 2200.000 Mhz
|   |   |   |   Gain range PGA0: 0.0 to 31.5 step 0.5 dB
|   |   |   |   Connection Type: IQ
|   |   |   |   Uses LO offset: No

Specifically the lines:

|   |   |       RX Dboard: B


|   |   |   |       RX Frontend: 0

Together making up the B:0.

For command-line python scripts

For command line scripts, device and sub-device is often specified with the --args and --spec arguments. E.g:

 my_script.py --args serial=24e6b31a --spec B:0

This syntax may vary from script to script, but this is the most common syntax.

For GNU Radio Companion

For the "UHD: USRP Sink" in the latest version of grc (as of this writing) the field "Device Addr" would be set to e.g. serial=24e6b31a and the field "Mb0: Subdev Spec" would be set to e.g. "B:0".