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Door access related projects:
* [[#Door Open Indicator|Door Open Indicator]]
People may enter Sudo Room through the door at the corner of the Omni Building, at 48th and Shattuck.
* [[#Sudo Door Intercom|Sudo Door Intercom]]
* [[#Outside Facing Door|Outside Facing Door Access]]
* [[#Inside Door|Inside Door Access]]
==Sudo Door Intercom==
== Mechanism ==
There is an old intercom system that is wired from the [[#Outside Facing Door|outside facing door]] up to the [[phone closet]]. One the first things we did when we got in to the space was to reconnect this intercom and attach it to a phone we had lying around. Here's a picture:
Right now if the space is occupied you can get in without a key by:
# Pressing the intercom button outside the door
# Waiting for a sudoer to answer
# Saying "I'm here for sudoroom", or "My voice is my passport"
# Waiting for an awesome sudoer to come and let you in
# Saying thank you!
==Door Open Indicator==
This project will detect if the [[#Inside Door|Inside Door]] is open and share that information.
Our current plan involves using a TI MSP4302553 via the TI Launch Pad to generate a tone. When the door is closed, the tone will stop. Anything that can pickup the audio will be able to detect if the door is open. We have a python script that does just that. Here is a picture of the tone generator in progress:
==Outside Facing Door==
==Inside Door==
The interior door, the westernmost one, will be controlled by a arduino interface that activates a motor that turns a key in the dead bolt. The arduino is activated by a python script doorman.py that runs on raspberry pi. doorman.py is a tornado based webserver .
hostname is "tamale"
now has static ip of
sshd is now on port 222
sshd is KEY-ONLY. follow your client instructions to use it. You can also get it here:
Don't post the URL publically, and tell me when I can delete it!
irc me (yardena) on freenode if any issues :)

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People may enter Sudo Room through the door at the corner of the Omni Building, at 48th and Shattuck.