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This is the project page for Education-related activities at Sudo Room. Please feel free to add ongoing activities, meetings, readings, groups working in similar areas, and any other ideas.

Local Relevant Organizations:

One Laptop Per Child - San Francisco

Partimus - providing computers and Free Software system administration support to several San Francisco Bay Area schools.'s skills

A more kid centric sudo room

Manipulatives (toys)
-robotic legos
-cardboard boxes
-bubble wrap
-wooden blocks
-wooden science oriented toys (telescope, microscopes, stethescopes)
-wooden molecules, double helix

-scratch based computer games
-cardboard box imaginarium
   -cities & homes
   -things that go (fast) rocket ships, cars, light cycles
   -stores and lemonade stands
-theater of squishy
   -obleck: cornstarch n water
   -gack: borax and glue
-paleolithic tech
   -fire from friction - bow drill method
-video with special fx
-stop motion movie
   -character design
   -set design
   -lighting design with LEDs
-whittling with sharp knives ;)
-creating density columns
-astronomy telescopes - navigation from stars, astrolabs, compass

Art supplies
-house made playdoughs (glow in the dark)
-Popsicle sticks n tongue depressors
-pipe cleaners multiple colors and in glitter
-crayons (house made)
-butcher paper
-protractors, rulers, compasses


1. ) State the problem : concise accurate terms that describe the problem

2. ) Research : Find research or related research that has been done previously on stated problem

3. ) Observation : Use accurately calibrated tools to describe the process of the problem

4.) Hypothesis : a tentative idea about how to solve the problem

5. ) Experiment : test the hypothesis unbiasly

6. ) Analysis : record all of the steps and results of the experiment

7. ) Conclusion : compare hypothesis to the conclusion