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Sudo Room hosts a number of events! The best place to find all the events that are going on is our [https://sudoroom.org/calendar/  Calendar].
#REDIRECT [[Sudoroom]]
If you'd like feedback on a potential event, you can reach out to the following individuals to help make sure your events are excellent:
* [[User:Tunabananas|Jenny]]
* [[User:Juul|Juul]]
* [[User:Matt|Matt]]
* Timon
* Tom
Here are some regular events:
* [[Today I Learned]]
* [[Fabulous Friday Films]]
* Javascript Meetup: Every Monday at 7PM
* [[Projects/MicroControllerHackNight|MicroController HackNight]] Tuesdays 5:30pm-?
** Subgroup: Trippy Wearable Electronics https://sudoroom.org/wiki/MicroControllerHackNight#Trippy_Wearable_Electronics
* [https://sudoroom.org/ai1ec_event/python-meetup/?instance_id=51718  Python Meetup]
* [[Community Democracy Project]]
* [[HackerHappyHour]] - Friday evenings, off an on - check the calendar
* [[East Bay Sound Art Meetup]] meets Sundays at 4-7pm once a month at SudoRoom
* [[Cleaning of Natural Decay]] meets Sundays 7-9pm - we putzen and cleanen the SudoRoom, dancing to Erasure! it's fun. A great way to get to know what's in the space and what other people are doing

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