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Thanks for your interest in Sudo Room!
#REDIRECT [[Welcome]]
=== What is Sudoroom? ===
We are a hackerspace in Oakland, California.
=== What's a hackerspace? ===
Watch this KQED Video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wamwklXWK4M Open Source Creativity: Hackerspaces]:
<blockquote>"It's not easy to say what a hackerspace is exactly. You know it when you're in one, but they're all unique because people are so unique."<br />—Mitch Altman of [https://www.noisebridge.net/ Noisebridge]</blockquote>
=== What does "sudo" mean? ===
[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudo Sudo] is a software command that stands for "super user do". It's pronounced "sue-dough" or "sue-due".
=== Who can go there? ===
Sudoroom is currently only open to members and guests. In a few months (fall 2014) we hope to be open to the public again. Please contact us if you'd like to be a guest. :)
We have quiet hours from 10pm-10am.
Soon our new space will have a phone number that you can call.
We are wheelchair accessible.
Young children need to be supervised by a guardian. We don't have childcare available. Sorry!
=== Can I have an event there? ===
Maybe! We love events like these:
* For a good cause
* Local, community-based
* Disability accessible
* Free, sliding scale, pay what you can, donation-based, nobody turned away
We don't like events like these:
* Pay-walled
* Socially oppressive
* Corporate or military sponsored
To make an event:
* If you are a member - use do-ocracy:
**Check the [https://sudoroom.org/calendar/ calendar] for conflicts
**Create a [https://sudoroom.org/wp-login.php?action=register Wordpress account]
**[https://sudoroom.org/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=ai1ec_event Add] your event
* If you are not a member:
** If you anticipate any problems, reach out to the [https://lists.sudoroom.org/listinfo/sudo-discuss mailing list] or to [mailto:info@sudoroom.org info@sudoroom.org].
** Get approval by sudoers. A good way to do this is at one of our [https://sudoroom.org/ai1ec_event/weekly-meetup-2/ weekly general meetings]. Showing up in person is preferred. But if you can't make it you can ask for the action to happen over the sudo-discuss mailing list (as linked above), and maybe you can get approval over email.
We can promote your event on our [https://sudoroom.org/blog blog], [https://twitter.com/sudoroom twitter], etc. Just ask!
=== How do I become a member? ===
# Introduce yourself in person or on the [https://lists.sudoroom.org/listinfo/sudo-discuss mailing list] or at a meeting
# [[Gittip|Pay some dues]] or do some work like cleaning, etc
# Create a wiki user page or email some contact info to [mailto:info@sudoroom.org info@sudoroom.org]
# Wait a short while
# '''''Poof!''''' You're a member!
Existing members can block you if they know you to be a violent, malicious or otherwise problematic person, but this is rare.
=== What does membership mean? ===
If you are a member then you can participate in our consensus decision-making procedure&mdash;the way sudo room acts.
It also means you can have your own access code, which means you can let yourself into the space.
=== What's your legal structure? ===
It's still evolving. Here's some history:
* In November 2011, Sudoroom held its [[First_Meeting|first meeting]]. We've held [[Meetings|regular meetings]] ever since then.
* In early 2012, we agreed to an [[Articles_of_Association|Articles of Association]].
* In late 2013, we filed [[Articles_of_Incorporation|Articles of Incorporation]] with the state of California, and elected a [[Board|Board of Directors]]
=== Can I store X at sudoroom ===
You can put a useful tool or some hacker ore neatly at sudoroom. Once you put something out at sudo and unless it says "do not hack on it" (and even then) there is no guarantee as to what will happen. You can however also rent a locker at sudo if you need private space, it is $25 per month.
=== When is sudo room open? ===
Sudo room doesn't have official hours. If you are a member you can get 24-hour access to let yourself in. If you are not a member, you will have to depend on at least one other member being there to let you in, and you would be their guest.
Typically there people at sudo room from 11am to 2am (or later 4am) most days of the week - but no guarantees.
Soon we will have a phone number you can call.
=== Can you fix my iPhone/iPad/Android Phone/Tablet/Laptop/other Device? ===
Complicated. Sudo room does not offer fix-it services. You can come to sudo room, use all our tools, and ask for help in fixing it yourself. Maybe a nice sudoer - and there are some nice sudoers - will help point you in the right direction or explain something that that youtube DIY fixing video didn't go over. If you want to find someone that might be able to help online you can contact the [https://lists.sudoroom.org/listinfo/sudo-discuss high-traffic mailing list]. In general there are no guarantees, but if you are dedicated you can learn to fix your own iBad.
=== Can you help me with Software Problem X? ===
Basically this is the same question as [[#Can you fix my iPhone/iPad/Android Phone/Tablet/Laptop/other Device?]]. Maybe, you'll have to find someone willing to help, which is possible, maybe on the mailing lists or IRC.

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