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These are resources for newcomers Sudo Room (those of passing interest or predicting major involvement!)


I'm Totally New to Hackerspaces

  • Watch this KQED Video Open Source Creativity: Hackerspaces featuring Mitch Altman of Noisebridge.
    • "It's not easy to say what a hackerspace is exactly. You know it when you're in one, but they're all unique because people are so unique." - Mitch

I Have Some Knowledge About Hackerspaces

Hackerspace? Where do I sign up??

Sudo Room

Weekly Meeting

  • Currently: Monday Nights at 2335 Broadway in Oakland.
  • Previously Wednesday nights

Communications and Knowledge-Sharing Infrastructure

  • The Wiki Reigns Supreme, the various pages linked from the Sudo room page.
    • Contributing to these pages our is primary way of sharing knowledge that is persistent and canonical, at least for now.
  • The Email List, for now sudoroom@lists.hackerspaces.org
  • The website, mainly a business card, to be expanded! [1]